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    About Us


    Do you need help keeping the plants in your life
    from taking over your life?
    Whether it's regular yard maintenance or a special landscape project, we are more than happy to work with you to get the results you hope for!

    We hold a inter-community business license for Central Vancouver Island.

    We are WCB insured and carry $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability insurance.

    We will always respect you and your property. We strive to keep open communication with our customers.

    Our Work
    We do regular year-round maintenance for residential & commercial customers, weekly or bi-weekly. We also do design & build landscape/hardscape project work.

    Rusty Shovel Landscaping is a local family-owned business based in Yellow Point, BC. We are a husband and wife team that enjoy working together outdoors and building unique hardscape & landscape projects.

    In the last few years we began to build our outdoor landscape showroom, so far; fruit and nut trees, a greenhouse, garden box area for landscape plant propagation/rearing, and a farm stand for selling veggie/herb starts and potted plant arrangements in the Spring/Summer.

    We also built a large rock garden with the intent of being able to showcase some of the plants to be used in local landscape plantings. Our showroom is definitely an ongoing work in progress!



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