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    About Us

    We are an easy going couple fueled with a zest for life and a love for everything outdoors. Lavender was a natural choice for landscaping our garden. We loved it so much we created a business with it.
    Sterling and Kristie Anne are creative gurus, people that are not afraid of hard work and have a proven track record of excellence. We strive to make everyone around us feel welcome. Kristie is a people person whose natural zest for life is infectious. Kristie Anne’s career background is opening of Vancouver finest high-rises. She opened 15 luxury high-rise’s in 9 years. Hiring staff teams for maintenance, concierge, and valet for some of the most technological advanced building’s you will ever see. All of Kristie Anne’s building still have the same staff she hired for the original openings and she is very proud of her career. It is exciting to bring her opening skill set and zest for 5 star experience into our own business. This has complimented the style and design for our oasis of lavender gardens overlooking the ocean.
    Sterling’s background is in sales and marketing. He has a proven record of success in the business world. He loves his new life of creating new lavender products and writing children’s books.
    In our early 40’s we left the corporate world and hung up the keys from our 2 hr commute. Our goal in developing this business is to have fun, give back, and create a lifestyle we want. We have made many people rich with our talents and it is now time to create our own amazing destiny!


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