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    About Us

    Meet Sara Bjornson, founder & CEO of Time in the Valley Consulting Inc. Sara is a lifestyle blogger turned social media manager and consultant.

    Originally from rural Ontario, Sara is proud to call the Cowichan Valley home. She is a firm believer that small businesses are the heartbeat of every community. The tenacity and grit it takes to start a small business is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s be honest, there is nothing small about small business. This is why Time in the Valley Consulting Inc came to fruition, to give back to small businesses.

    Are you stuck trying to determine what to share on social media? Do you have a strategy that links to your marketing & business plans? Do you have time to spend on your social media? Time in the Valley Consulting Inc. is here to help. Social media should be a tool that helps your business rather than drain your time and energy.

    Services offered by Time in the Valley Consulting Inc include:
    - Comprehensive content analysis of current brand positioning;
    - Content strategies (including brand pillars linking to overall goals);
    - Guidance on growth;
    - Content plan creation (includes copywriting and graphic development);
    - Management of social media accounts (including scheduling of social media posts);
    - Reels creation;
    - Analytic reports; and
    - Social media training.

    Want some assistance, but don’t know where to begin? Send Sara at Time in the Valley Consulting Inc an email at hey@timeinthevalley.com


    • Content plans and strategies.
    • Guidance on social media growth and training.
    • Content creation - photography and videography.
    • Social media management.
    • Analytic reports.