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    The Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society (SMWS) is a 35-year-old charitable society made up of people who care deeply about the S’amunu (Somenos) Watershed. This biodiversity-rich watershed is the traditional home of the Quw’utsun People, a nursery for salmon, a resting place and winter home for migratory waterfowl, and a sanctuary for many other endangered and common species. The work of the SMWS is both restorative and educational. Our GreenStreams Project is about restoring the watershed to improve water quality and help bring salmon numbers back to historical levels, as well as complete green corridors from mountain tops to the sea. Our Community Stewardship Program encourages volunteerism and ensures participants are well-informed and safe while volunteering with us. Another element of our work is the stewardship of the S'amunu/Somenos Conservation Area, an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area on the Pacific Migratory Flyway, where we have built wildlife viewing facilities and installed interpretive messaging. We partner with Cowichan Tribes for guidance within our GreenStreams Strategy as well as when we host our annual WildWings Nature & Arts Festival.

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