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    Welcome to Excellent Frameworks – Home of the E.J. Hughes Gallery
    Excellent Frameworks Gallery has been a staple of Excellence in Downtown Duncan for over forty years.
    Under local ownership, we cater to our spectacular community and are proud to call the Cowichan Valley home. We strive to provide the best custom framing and gallery services in the valley.
    Excellent Frameworks is owned by Suzan Kostiuck, B.F.A., and member of the Acho Dene Koe band in Ft. Liard, N.W.T.
    Suzan has been custom framing for over fifteen years and has worked with galleries, custom frame stores, and the local arts council. Her love of art and community has found a home within the beautiful Cowichan Valley, where she lives with her husband and two children. Suzan also creates abstract art and is slowly learning traditional beadwork from her home. Suzan has a passion for black and white art, although is also drawn to the works of Alex Janvier, Ted Harrison, and James Lavadour.
    Nik Sylvester is Excellent Frameworks’ main Custom Framer.
    Nik is a printmaker and specializes in natural history and fantasy illustration. With several degrees, Nik is an avid lifetime learner and is able to offer clients insight to each of their pieces. With a wide variety of skills and knowledge, her ability to frame just about anything adds a special quality to her work here at the gallery. Like a cat, she is often too curious for her own good, and alternates periods of questing after new knowledge, and focussing intently on one thing—sometimes something only she can see. Nik specializes in natural history and fantasy illustration, which may seem two entirely opposite subjects, but it all makes sense to her.


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