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    So much of who we become is formulated in our earliest years. I became a Coach and Leader because, for many years growing up, our house was devoid of capable leadership. There weren't mentors. No adults set a strong example for us. It is what it is. And now, with the pendulum having swung to the other side, there's no goddamn way my children will grow up with that same lack. That same environment. It's no surprise then that Leadership fascinates me. Personal growth fascinates me. Mentorship fascinates me. You and your choices fascinate me.

    If you are wondering what else you have in there to give...What else you have left in the tank...What else you have left to contribute to those closest to you with your relationships, your career, your outside-of-work stuff (do you even have these?),.. If you're stuck. If you know you haven't given ''it'' your full shot. If you don't really know how to define ''it''. These are all areas I can Coach. These are the areas I can help. It's fascinating, isn't it? If any of this resonates, send me a message and let's chat. You'll know in the first 10 minutes whether I'm the right fit for you. Is ''it'' worth 10 minutes?


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