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    About Us

    WineXpert Retailer and Traeger Platinum Dealer

    Situated in beautiful Mill Bay, just 25 minutes north of Victoria on Vancouver Island, we are one of BC’s premier brew on-premise facilities. Our quality products and attention to detail allow you to create award-winning wines and coolers.

    Join 1 in 4 of your neighbours who have discovered how satisfying it is to build a cellar of fine wines suited to you. We guarantee you’ll like it!

    Our kits are sourced from WineXpert who have the same desire for high-quality as we do. We believe our superior product, process, and modern facilities ensure your experience is the best.

    Savor the luxury of winemaking without the hefty price tag! Uncork excellence with our premium UBrew kits—crafted for connoisseurs on a budget. Elevate your sips, embrace quality without compromise. Become a savvy vintner.

    Cheers to affordable elegance!

    As easy as 1 2 3!

    Pick out the wine of your choice. Make it sparkling or age it in an Oak Barrel.

    Pay for it and sprinkle the yeast.

    Return to bottle or bag your wine.


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