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    About Us

    Why We Exist
    Here at THRIVE NOW, our mission is to provide the highest quality of professional service possible to the community of the Cowichan Valley. In all aspects of client care, from our customer experience team, to injury assessment and treatment, client education and return to activity, our staff strive to make your visit as thorough and beneficial as possible. Clients can rest assured that their individual needs are our biggest priority.

    How We Deliver
    Our clinics are open longer hours to make it easier for you to book and receive the treatment and care you need. Whether you are suffering from a work-related injury, motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or other musculo-skeletal condition, our university-trained Physiotherapists can diagnose, prescribe and supervise an effective treatment program for your condition.

    What We Do
    We will either figure out what's wrong with you and get it dealt with in the fewest number of sessions possible, or we will quickly let you AND your Physician know that your issue may be more serious and require further medical testing. We also are committed to working with you to optimize your health by helping you correct imbalances, joint issues and reduce movement restrictions.

    2nd Location in Cobble Hill at Valley View Centre
    59-1400 Cowichan Bay Rd
    Cobble Hill BC


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