• The Duncan Showroom

    The Duncan Showroom

    About Us

    located in the heart of downtown Duncan

    'it's about the music'

    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the Canadian music scene, not only locally / provincially / nationally but internationally as well for over 18 years. We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike.

    for those of you who either can't make it to the event cause of illness or family emergencies or you don't live in our immediate area
    we 'live' stream all of our concerts to youtube and facebook
    (if you are local and watching from home, sitting in the chair of your choice, wearing the clothes of your choice, drinking the beverage of your choice, possibly even inhaling the fresh air of your choice and all for 'free', why not donate the ticket price or parts thereof so we can continue this 'free' to you service)

    one way to support the Showroom experience is to view and possibly buy a photo book of past performers
    created by Nik West
    all profits go to the Showroom

    You enter these premises with the understanding that
    this is a non-alcohol venue ,
    that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please...
    inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
    we reserve the right to refuse


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