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    Locally made Vancouver Island preserves that are created in small batches in an Island Health licenced, shared commercial kitchen.
    We create our preserves using as much local produce as we can source (largely within the Cowichan Valley) from producers such as Silverside Farm, Glenora Farm, Holy Stick Farm, DiVino Winery, Gobind Farm, Yellowpoint Cranberries & Island Hothouse. When local sourcing is not attainable we focus on BC first, then Canadian produce and lastly, outside of Canada (specifically citrus and mango).

    Most of our preserves use less sugar then a conventional, typical jam yet are still shelf stable. Therefore the real fruit taste is what shines though and the consistency is more natural; less solidified. Once opened please refrigerate and consume within 3 months.

    We are committed to reusing and recycling as many materials possible to ensure less waste in our landfills.
    All food waste is either fed to local, very happy cared for chickens or composted.


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