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    Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is a non-profit organization recognized by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national governing body for rowing in Canada.

    RCA is a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Fédération internationale des sociétés d’aviron (FISA), the international federation for rowing.

    RCA was originally founded as “The Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen” in 1880 by the rowing clubs then in existence – to coordinate and regulate the sport of amateur rowing. In 1974 the name was changed to “The Canadian Amateur Rowing Association – Association Canadienne d’Aviron Amateur”, which is the legally constituted name. Rowing Canada Aviron is now used as the operating name.
    The RCA Board of Directors’ role is to govern RCA by providing leadership and direction in the pursuit of its vision and mission. The Board is elected by the membership of RCA and is accountable to the membership for competent stewardship that will ensure the long-term viability of RCA. The Board of Directors’ first duty is to the legal entity CARA. In meeting this duty the Board must ensure that all legal requirements under the relevant Acts are met and that CARA is protected from harmful situations and circumstances in the interests of current and future stakeholders. For more information on the Board’s role, please see the RCA Governance Policy.


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