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    Channeling & Holding Space for Transformational Intuitive Healing Sessions
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    Badass Goddess Warrior
    Calista identifies as an intuitive healer, channeler, body worker, reiki master teacher and mentor who holds space for spiritual death/rebirth (deep transformation on all levels); assisting in moving clients/students through root issues that are ready to be brought into awareness and cleared for the highest and best.

    Envision Healing founder Calista Povelofskie aims to assist in raising the vibration of the collection, one soul at a time. This work is about meeting each individual where they're at in their unique healing journey the moment that they arrive in the healing space, empowering a deep remembering of higher self and who you came here to be.

    Calista's roots are in Traditional Usui Method Reiki where she laid the strong foundation for her gifts back in 2007. She's been offering Reiki attunements/certifications since 2013 and believes in the importance of passing down this gift whether it's to create more healing practitioners or to simply raise the vibration and pass on tools to an individual and their inner circle.

    She received her diploma in Raynor Naturopathic Massage. This approach is a unique, holistic, deep tissue massage with a strong focus on breath work. It is supportive in deeply feeling and releasing blocks that have manifested in the body. The awareness is that your tension may be rooted in phy


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