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    At Cedars at Cobble Hill, we know that addiction disorders are treatable illnesses and that with specific care properly applied, abstinence and long-term success can be expected.
    We are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment for their individual situation. This is accomplished by thorough assessment and re-assessment of how the patient is responding to treatment.
    All of our programs are invitational, never confrontational.
    Cedars clinical and support staff will invite each patient to explore how to reach their full recovery, which will include improved self esteem, fulfilling relationships and accomplishing individual goals.

    Our gender-specific residences were created to foster private, safe interpersonal boundaries for individuals entering addiction treatment. Although it is important for co-ed integration during various stages of the treatment process, Cedars provides gender specific housing and women’s group activities that create a safe and harmonious environment for each patient. This atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group not only reduces external distractions, but also provides clients with a strong level of comfort.

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